Welcome comrades!!!

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Who we are:

The association Combat Veteran e.V. consist of former and active soldiers of the Budeswehr (German armed forces) with combat experience.

We put our focus on the experience of brotherhood gained from deployments. We want to keep this spirit of comradeship in our lives after deployment ends.

True to our motto: ”From veterans to Veteran".

We at Combat Veteran e.V. consider ourselves as a lobby for veterans of all branches of service and all kinds of deployments of the Bundeswehr.

We want to be a point of reference and a platform, giving the opportunity for an exchange of equals among equals.

The association Combat Veteran e.V. remembers and reminds of the various deployments of the Bundeswehr and especially the comrades fallen and wounded during deployment. They shall never be forgotten!

We keep close touch and extensive exchange with veterans from abroad. This is also the reason why we have chosen an English name for our association.


Our projects:

Experience of comradeship, mutual help, regional meetings.

We provide information on the veteran topics e.g. for schools and within society, and we are politically active:

We, Combat Veteran e.V., are promoting e.g. a veteran’s concept, a VA representative for our Bundestag (German Parliament) and a preliminary recognition of any kind of disability incurred during military service, in order to capacitate traumatized soldiers to focus on their therapies.


Help for comrades:

Most of the soldiers deployed return well from their missions, but wounded or severely traumatised soldiers need our special support. The members of Combat Veteran e.V., who partly are consultants for VA within the Bundeswehr, receive dramatic requests for help over and over again. In our association, Combat Veteran e.V.,an experience of comradeship is not just empty words, but a lived reality.

Public relations:

Combat Veteran e.V. as association has the objective to inform all persons interested in the topic why soldiers volunteer in deployments for Germany.

When we visit schools, we do not do any campaigns for the Army, but give first-hand information with high credibility.


Become a member:

Every soldier of the Bundeswehr with combat experience can become a member after presenting their award certificates. We want to make sure that only real veterans become members of our association. We also welcome members of the police forces who were on foreign  eployment.

Supporters of Combat Veteran e.V.

Persons who do not comply with the above mentioned criteria (i.e. no participation in a deployment), but are interested and supportive to the veteran’s cause within society, can become members of Combat Veteran e.V. as so-called supporters. Many supporters have close relations to soldiers in their personal environment or are soldiers themselves. Supporters of Combat Veteran e.V. are not eligible to any defined service in return. They volunteer out of personal conviction and thus help to support and promote the aims of the association. Especially civil supporters are of great advantage for the association as they represent a connection to society and thus form a foundation stone to the integration of veterans into Society.